Article about Joe Louis entering the hospital with picture of Louis and Frank Sinatra

Article from page E4 of Tuesday, October 7, 1980 edition of Kansas City Times. Under "People in Sports" a picture showing Frank Sinatra standing behind Joe Louis. Sinatra is holding up Louis' arm. The photo is indicated as taken in 1978. The article headline is "Joe Louis Returns to Hospital" and text reads, "In what was described as 'a regular checkup,' former heavyweight champion Joe Louis checked into a Houston hospital Monday. Louis, 66, has been in declining health in recent years and underwent heart surgery in November 1977 to correct a weakness in the wall of his aorta. He has been confined to a wheelchair in recent months while under teh care of heart specialist and surgeon Dr michael DeBakery. Martha Louis, his wife, said her husband's condition has been stable. Louis held the heavyweight title from 1937-1949, longer than any other boxer, and defending it more times (25) than any other champion."

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Photograph of Kansas City Monarchs and Hilldale Giants at the Negro Leagues' first Colored World Series

Kansas City Monarchs and Hilldale Giants standing side by side at the opening game Negro Leagues' first Colored World Series in Kansas City, Missouri on October 11, 1924. From left to right players and officials are identified as Loyd, McNair, Joseph, Morris, C Johnson, Roban, Allen, Mrnpez, Moore, W. Bell, Hawkins, Duncan, C. Bell, Mothell, McCall, Drake, Sweatt, Wilkinson, Dr Smith, Spedden, Pompez, Foster, Bolden, Santop, Winters, Cuffie, Lee, Carr, C. Johnson, J. Johnson, Ryan, Mackey, Allen, Campbell, Lewis, Thomas, Cockrell, Briggs, Werfeld, Stevens, Lambert.

Kansas City, MO
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