Letter from the Republican State Committee to William Lawrie

Letter from the Republican State Committee Chairperson T W Hukriede written to William Lawrie September 22, 1916. Text of letter reads "You have no doubt under date of September 16, received your notice of appointment as a member of the auxiliary of the State Committee. As there are some things that we must confer with you and work out together you are requested to meet in Saint Louis at the International Life Building, 718 Chestnut Street at 10 o'clock A. M. Wednesday, September 27. I earnestly hope that you will arrange to be here. [illegible word due to tear] will please think out and present such plans as are necessary to organize and poll the vote of your district. Investigate if you can what per cent of the Colored vote has failed to go to the polls at the last General election. I believe if we take hold of this and win we shall find a new deal in Missouri politics. Expecting to see you Wednesday, September 27. I am, Yours for back to Prosperity."

St Louis, MO
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